Dry Creek Carnivore Grass Fed Beef Pack

by Dry Creek Cattle Co 3 orders


  • 8 x 250g Grass fed Rump Steaks
  • 2kg of Grass fed Fatty Beef Mince (75%)
  • 8 x Grass fed 200g Scotch Fillets
  • 2kg of Grass fed Beef Brisket
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Dry Creek Cattle Co

Dry Creek Cattle Co raises 100% grass-fed Black Angus cattle in the Lockyer Valley near Mount Whitestone. Their all-natural approach means no vaccines or antibiotics are used. The lush pastures of the Lockyer Valley provide the ideal environment, resulting in flavorful and nutritious beef. Dry Creek Cattle Co's commitment to sustainable and ethical farming ensures high-quality, healthy beef that is raised with care for both the animals and the environment.




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