Grass Finished Australian Beef Whole Beast ($15.25/kg DW)


Weight: 300 kg
Per Kg Rate: $15.25

We are a small farm west of Toowoomba who specialize in grass fed and finished beef, committed to sustainable agriculture. Grazed on native improved pastures our beef cattle thrive on a natural healthy diet resulting in tender and rich flavourful beef. As we are a small family run property, we prioritize the health and wellbeing of our livestock individually whilst also prioritizing responsible stewardship of our natural environment. Our farming practices guarantee that the meat you receive is not only rich in flavour but also contains no nasty surprises.

  • No mRNA vaccines used
  • No growth hormones
  • No pesticides
  • No added water or preservatives.

ONLY 100% grass fed and finished Australian Beef.

A Quarter share of our beef usually is around 200-300+ kg DW priced at $15.25/kg DW. You will be able to select your desired cuts and your packaging type (such as cryovac, freezer bags or bulk). We also offer a couple categories of bones you can include in addition to offal such as; cheek, oxtail, liver, kidneys and hearts (depending on availability).

Prices are set at the upper reach of our estimates, once your cow has been sent we will know the exact DW. The difference between the upper estimate that you paid for and the actual DW will be refunded to your account prior to collection. E.g. if you purchased a quarter, 88kg DW, and the actual weight comes in at 79kg DW, you will be refunded the cost of the 9kg DW that you initially paid.

If you should have any questions feel free to call me on 0447359611.

Shop small, shop local, shop us.

A Cut Sheet Will be emailed once the Order is placed

Edendale Homestead Meats

Nestled in the serene countryside west of Toowoomba, our small family farm, led by Luke and Caitie Dieters, is dedicated to crafting premium grass-fed beef through sustainable agriculture. With a focus on individual animal welfare and responsible land stewardship, our Angus cattle graze on native pastures, resulting in tender, flavorful meat without any unwanted surprises. At Edendale Homestead Meats in Linthorpe, Queensland, Luke and Caitie's passion for farming shines through in every aspect, ensuring that each bite of our rich, flavorful beef reflects our deep commitment to quality and environmental harmony.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

Processing time

Ready to ship in 3-4 weeks from Australia

Shipping policy

Collection from Brisbane Valley Meats just south of Esk, QLD. This site is conveniently located for within around 150km radius.