Pasture Raised Whole Chicken Box

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You’ve heard it before: “Everything tastes like chicken.” But let’s be honest, not all chicken is created equal. Industrially grown chicken can be mushy, tasteless and ultimately not what chicken is meant to be.

Our natural, pasture raised chicken tastes the way chicken is meant to – rich in flavour and with a texture that tells you this animal hasn’t lived in a shed.

This is real chicken, raised naturally, the way it’s meant to be.

We have no sheds.

We do not use chemicals or medication.

We mimic nature to produce delicious chicken, naturally.

Whole Chicken Box

Indulge in the authentic taste of real chicken with our Whole Chicken Box. Each whole chicken box contains 4 of our delectable pasture-raised chickens, each targeted to weigh around 2kg-2.5kg (though this may vary slightly).

Why Our Chickens Stand Out:

  • Pasture-to-Plate Journey: Our chickens enjoy a life entirely on pasture from the brooder to processing.

  • Salatin-Style Tractors: Housed in our Salatin-style chicken tractor system, our birds experience fresh pasture daily—fresh bedding, new exploration areas, and natural activities like scratching, dust baths, and foraging for bugs and grass.

  • Ethical and Regenerative Practices: Our approach not only ensures happy, low-stress birds but also aids in regenerating pasture. Chicken manure is a natural fertiliser, benefiting the land and, subsequently, our cattle as they rotate through rejuvenated areas.

Our Commitment to Quality: We blast-freeze our chickens immediately after processing, locking in the freshness that defines our product.

Curious to Learn More? Feel free to reach out! Contact us through our ‘Contact Us’ page for more information.

Indulge in the extraordinary — try our Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken Box today

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We're a regenerative farm producing pasture raised chicken, pasture raised Heritage pork and grass fed, grass finished beef. We are entirely chemical free and rely on frequent movement of our animals to maintain hygienic conditions for optimum health


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