Pasture Raised Tasmania Side of Lamb

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Sourced from the lush paddocks of the Western Downs, our lambs are full of flavour and tender.

What you Get in a side:

  • Leg Roast
  • Loin Chops
  • Cutlets or Rack
  • Chump Chops,
  • Neck Chops,
  • Shoulder Chops or Roast,
  • Shanks & Ribs.
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Kilcoy Quality Meats

Our grass-fed beef is farmed in the Lockyer and Somerset Regions of Queensland, where our animals are free to graze on green pastures. We believe strongly in farming in harmony with nature and we only produce the healthiest, tastiest meat.

We wouldn’t feed to anyone else that which we wouldn’t feed to our own families. That’s why our animals feed according to their natural diets without the use of antibiotics or artificial hormones.

Our meats are procured directly from farmers, therefore our quality and pricing is never compromised.