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How does it Work!

We've made the process easier for you. Just add your postcode, and we'll handle the rest. Once you've entered your postcode, you'll see all the available packs and products that can be delivered to your area.

How do I change the postcode? Look for the small button in the top left corner. Click or tap on it, and it will open the postcode section where you can save your postcode.

What is Farmer Butcher

Our goal is to support local farmers and butchers by providing them with a platform to showcase their products and connect with customers who value high-quality, locally sourced meat. Customers can browse through a wide selection of products, place orders online, and have their meat delivered directly to their door. By supporting local farmers and butchers, customers can enjoy fresh, ethically sourced meat while also contributing to the sustainability of local agriculture.

What we don't do!

We do not handle the packing or delivery of the meat, nor do we determine its pricing. Our platform is committed to assisting Farmers and Butchers in managing their farm shop businesses and facilitating connections with communities across Australia.

When will my Order Come?

While we don't directly manage shipping, we have partnerships with several farmers' shipping companies and access to their delivery schedules. We'll make every effort to facilitate and provide updates on your order's expected arrival time. However, it's ultimately up to the farmer or butcher to initiate shipments. Unforeseen circumstances can arise, potentially causing delays of a week or two, depending on the situation.

My order was Wrong

Errors are inevitable in business, and occasional mistakes may occur. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to addressing any issues promptly. Our main goal is to ensure that you receive the products you've paid for. We will collaborate with the farmer and butcher to achieve a satisfactory resolution for your order. It's important to recognize that we are human and do not handle the packing, cutting, or processing of orders once they leave the butcher shop. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Do you Deliver to my Area?

We've integrated a postcode checker into our platform, allowing you to verify if any of our farms can deliver to your area. Products will be displayed based on your postcode. If you don't see any products listed, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll explore potential solutions.

I want a Refund!

Refunds are readily available for customers who meet the set requirements. These include instances such as receiving the wrong order or if the delivery fails to arrive. A comprehensive list of eligible reasons will be outlined in our policy agreement. However, refunds will not be issued if you were notified about the delivery but were not available to receive it, or if you choose to cancel your order within a week of the scheduled shipment.

How does it Work

After placing your order, it is allocated to a specific body of beef or other produce. The farmer then hand-selects your produce and begins the process of sending it to the abattoirs and back to a certified butcher for cutting and packing. From there, it is shipped directly to your front door. Please note Beef is Hung for 10 plus days.

What is Dressed Weight?

What is "dressed weight" and why is it important? When purchasing a side or quarter of an animal such as a cow or sheep, the weight you ultimately receive may be less than what's listed by the farmer. Dressed weight, also known as hanging weight, refers to the weight of the carcass after removal of the head, blood, and offal. This weight encompasses all the meat, fat, and bones from the side of an animal. The butcher then prepares your portion based on your preferences. Factors like dry aging and cut specifications can affect the final weight. Dressed weight is considered the fairest and most accurate method for processing animals, as boxed weight can typically be 20% to 30% less.

How does it Come Packed?

The meat arrives in cryovaced bags, sealed to lock in freshness. Delivered cold by couriers, each pack contains quality cuts, ensuring optimal flavor and texture. Experience convenience and quality in every package, ready for your culinary journey

Want to know more?

Feel free to ask any additional questions you may have—we're here to help! Our team will do our utmost to provide thorough and helpful answers to all inquiries you send our way. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we're committed to assisting you in any way we can.

This farm is coming soon

Thank you for supporting our farmers. We have new farms joining us weekly, and the support and encouragement from our followers and customers have been amazing. This farm will be available very soon, so please check back later for more updates