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About Oakwood Farms

Oakwood Farms stands as a beacon of sustainability and quality in the agricultural landscape of northern NSW. With a steadfast commitment to sourcing locally, they epitomize the farm-to-table ethos, partnering with a collective of neighboring farms. Their dedication shines through in every cut of beef, lamb, and pork, all raised in harmony with nature. Embracing all-natural practices, they ensure each product reflects the pristine landscapes and care of local farmers. Oakwood Farms isn't just a purveyor of meat; it's a testament to community collaboration, environmental stewardship, and the flavors of the region, embodying the essence of ethical Farming

Grass Fed Beef

Who is Oakwood Farms.

Oakwood Farms, based on the Mid North Coast NSW, is a community-oriented farm known for sourcing top-quality produce from nearby farms, fostering sustainability, and community connections through its agricultural practices.

Where is Oakwood Farms.

Oakwood Farms, based on the Mid North Coast. And sources locally grown Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

Farming Practices.

  • No mRNA Vaccine Used
  • No Hormones Used
  • No Pesticides Used
  • Grass Fed and Finished

Processed at Wingham Abattoirs, and cut, packed, and delivered from WM Meats in Gladstone NSW.


Oakwood Farms offers a convenient monthly cold courier service, delivering their locally sourced produce directly to your doorstep, ensuring freshness and convenience for customers.

Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Melbourne are normally a Saturday Drop off

Regional delivery schedules vary from Sunday to Wednesday. Just ask us, and we will find out the exact delivery date for you

This farm is coming soon

Thank you for supporting our farmers. We have new farms joining us weekly, and the support and encouragement from our followers and customers have been amazing. This farm will be available very soon, so please check back later for more updates