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Payment Structure

Farmer Butcher operates on a commission-based payment structure, where a commission of 10% is applied to orders paid via credit card, and a commission of 12.5% is applied to orders paid via Afterpay. This commission covers processing fees and administrative costs associated with each payment method, ensuring the smooth operation of our services.

Credit Card Orders

For orders paid using credit cards, Farmer Butcher applies a commission fee equivalent to 10% of the total order value. This commission is deducted from the final payment made by the customer, reflecting the convenience and security offered by credit card transactions and the fees we occur.

Afterpay Orders

Orders paid using Afterpay as the payment method will incur a commission fee of 12.5% of the total order value. This commission accounts for the additional services and flexibility provided by Afterpay, allowing customers to spread their payments over time. The fee from Afterpay is normally 6% - 7% of the total order. Afterpay also counts for about 40% of orders made online. This is not a mandatory feature you can turn it off in the order creation

You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature for each product individually. If you choose not to provide this service, please ensure that you deactivate it for the respective product.



Refunds from Farmer Butcher are not applicable if the money has been transferred to the Vendor (You). However, if the customer's payment remains within our account, refunds are possible, and customers will receive prompt notification to prevent overordering. In the event that payment has already been transferred from our account to the farm or butcher vendor, it is their responsibility to issue refunds to customers as needed.

Customer Support

We strive to collaborate closely with you to ensure your customers are well-informed and equipped with all necessary information. Our utmost dedication lies in providing comprehensive support to facilitate seamless transactions and address any inquiries promptly. We prioritize transparency and accessibility, aiming to empower both you and your customers with the knowledge needed for informed decision-making. Rest assured, we're committed to fostering a positive experience for all involved parties, promoting trust and satisfaction in every interaction

Customer Orders

We refrain from involvement with couriers or order displacement. The entire responsibility rests with the Farmer or Butcher to ensure orders are dispatched punctually and to the correct addresses. This approach ensures streamlined operations and accountability within the supply chain. Our commitment lies in empowering Farmers and Butchers to efficiently manage the fulfillment process, minimizing errors and optimizing customer satisfaction. Rest assured, we maintain a clear and focused role, enabling vendors to uphold high standards of service delivery.

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