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How it Works

We have streamlined the process of using Farmer Butcher for your convenience. Simply enter your postcode, and we will match the available products to your location. We have farmers and Butchers that can deliver weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly

Step 1

Once you have set your postcode, the website will display all the available packs for you to purchase.

Step 2

Choose how you want to shop. You can browse the available packs on the Shop page or shop directly from the farm on the Farm page.

Step 3

This is the easiest step of all. Simply wait for the meat to be delivered directly to your door. It's that easy!

Who is Farmer Butcher

We Connect you directly to the source

At Farmer Butcher we care about giving you the best quality meat directly from the farm to your table. You'll always know where your meat comes from, who raises it, and how it's made. Say goodbye to mystery meat and enjoy premium farm-fresh meat delivered to your door.

We help Farmers and Butchers Australia Wide

We're building a community of farmers and butchers who are like family. We support Aussie farmers and butchers across the country, helping them connect and share their stories and produce with fellow Australians.


Try one of the farms taster packs before ordering in bulk

Springhill Farms Taster Pack


Primal Beef Co Taster Pack


Hyland Farms Taster Pack


Wilson Peaks Taster Pack

Original price was: $149.95.Current price is: $125.00.

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This farm is coming soon

Thank you for supporting our farmers. We have new farms joining us weekly, and the support and encouragement from our followers and customers have been amazing. This farm will be available very soon, so please check back later for more updates