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About Primal Beef Co

Primal Beef Co is a testament to Mick and Scott's commitment to quality and ethical practices in their farming and butchering endeavors. Nestled in the heart of the Wollongbar region, their farm stands as a symbol of their dedication to providing top-tier meat products. With a reputation for friendly service and a genuine desire to exceed customer expectations, these brothers epitomize hard work and integrity in their craft. Embracing the values of sustainability and animal welfare, they ensure that every cut meets the highest standards. Primal Beef Co invites you to support their mission of delivering exceptional meat, straight from their farm to your table

The Ultimate Primal Box

Introducing the Ultimate Pack from Primal Beef Co: 20kg beef, 14kg lamb, and 16.5kg pork, all pasture-raised.

Original price was: $950.00.Current price is: $915.00.

100% Grass Fed NORTHERN RIVERS Angus Beef

Northern Rivers Angus Beef, 100% grass-fed, delivers exquisite flavor straight from Australia's lush Northern Rivers region. Raised naturally without hormones or antibiotics, it's pure goodness on your plate. Each bite of this premium beef offers a succulent, rich taste that elevates any dish. From tender steaks to hearty stews, its quality shines through. Northern Rivers Angus Beef promises a culinary adventure that satisfies every palate. With its superior marbling and juiciness, it's the epitome of gourmet dining, bringing the essence of the Australian countryside to your table.


Darling Downs Pasture Raised Lamb is simply delicious. Raised on the green pastures of Australia's Darling Downs region, this lamb is naturally flavorful and tender. With no hormones or antibiotics, it's pure, wholesome goodness on your plate. Every bite bursts with succulent, savory taste, making any meal a gourmet delight. Whether grilled, roasted, or stewed, Darling Downs Lamb promises a mouthwatering experience that's sure to satisfy.

northern rivers PASTURE RAISED pork

Northern River Pasture Raised Pork is simply delicious. Raised on the fertile lands of the Northern Rivers region, this pork is naturally flavorful and tender. With no added hormones or antibiotics, it's pure, wholesome meat. Each bite is juicy and succulent, perfect for any dish. Whether it's grilled, roasted, or slow-cooked, Northern River Pork promises a mouthwatering experience that satisfies every craving. Enjoy the taste of the countryside with this premium pork, bringing quality and flavor to your table with every meal.

Who is Primal Beef Co

Primal Beef Co was born from the shared vision of two brothers, determined to revolutionize ethical farming practices in the Northern NSW region. With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability and animal welfare, they embark on a mission to redefine the standards of quality in meat production. Specializing in beef, lamb, and pork, Primal Beef Co prides itself on offering nothing short of excellence. Their dedication to ethical farming shines through in every aspect of their operation, ensuring that each cut surpasses expectations. Join them in their pursuit of providing the finest meats, as they continue to lead the way in ethical and sustainable agriculture.

Where is Primal Beef Co

Primal Beef Co is located in Wollongbar NSW 2440

Farming Practices.

  • No mRNA Vaccine Used
  • No Hormones Used
  • No Pesticides Used
  • 100% Grass Fed Beef
  • Pasture Raised Lamb
  • Pasture Raised Pork
  • Halal Goat

This farm is coming soon

Thank you for supporting our farmers. We have new farms joining us weekly, and the support and encouragement from our followers and customers have been amazing. This farm will be available very soon, so please check back later for more updates