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Farmer Butcher Shipping and Refund Policy

Welcome to Farmer Butcher! We are dedicated to connecting farmers, butchers, and customers in a seamless and efficient manner. Our platform facilitates the purchase of high-quality produce directly from farms and butcher shops across the country. To ensure transparency and clarity in our operations, we have established the following Shipping and Refund Policy.

Shipping Policy:

  1. Responsibility: Farmer Butcher does not assume responsibility for the packing or shipping of orders placed through our platform. It is the sole responsibility of the respective farmers and butchers to ensure that orders are properly packed, shipped, and delivered to customers.
  2. Third-Party Shipping Services: We may collaborate with third-party shipping companies to facilitate the delivery of orders. However, any issues or discrepancies related to shipping must be addressed directly with the shipping provider.
  3. Delivery Timeframes: While we strive to provide accurate delivery estimates, please note that delivery timeframes may vary depending on factors such as location, seasonal demand, and shipping provider policies. Customers are encouraged to review estimated delivery times provided at the time of purchase.
  4. Tracking Information: Tracking information for orders may be provided by the shipping provider. Customers can use this information to monitor the status and whereabouts of their shipments.

Refund Policy:

  1. Responsibility: Farmer Butcher does not handle refunds for orders placed through our platform. Refund requests and issues related to product quality, incorrect orders, or delivery discrepancies are the responsibility of the respective farmers and butchers.
  2. Refund Eligibility: Customers may be eligible for refunds in cases where:
  • The received product does not meet the specified quality standards.
  • The order received is incorrect or incomplete.
  1. Refund Process: Customers who wish to request a refund must contact the farmer or butcher from whom the order was placed. Refund requests should include relevant details such as order number, description of the issue, and supporting evidence (e.g., photographs).
  2. Resolution: Farmers and butchers are committed to resolving refund requests promptly and in accordance with their individual refund policies. Customers are encouraged to communicate directly with the respective seller to facilitate the refund process.

1/8th, Quarters Halves and Full Carcass Orders:

  1. What is Carcass Weight: Carcass weight refers to the weight of an animal's body after it has been slaughtered and prepared for butchering, but before it is cut into individual retail cuts. This weight typically includes the muscle, bone, and fat, but excludes the head, hide, hooves, and internal
  2. What is Trim: In the context of meat processing, "trim" refers to the removal of excess fat, connective tissue, and other unwanted parts from a carcass or primal cuts to prepare the meat for retail or consumption. Trimming helps improve the appearance, texture, and quality of the meat and ensures that the final product meets specific standards and customer preferences. There are different types of trim, including: Fat Trim: Removing excess fat to achieve a desired level of leanness. Connective Tissue Trim: Removing sinew, gristle, and other tough connective tissues. Bone Trim: Removing bones from cuts where boneless meat is desired. Surface Trim: Removing any blemishes, bruises, or contamination from the surface of the meat. Trimming is an essential step in meat processing that affects the yield, quality, and presentation of the final meat products. Additionally, trim is often used as raw material for producing minced meat (ground meat) and sausages (snags), ensuring that all parts of the animal are utilized efficiently and economically. You have 2 different types of trimmings Mince Trim and sausage Trim. This is counted in to your overall weight. So if you you don't want either the end price will stay the same.
  3. Pricing: You pay based on the carcass weight, which includes muscle, bone, and fat, but excludes head, hide, and organs.

General Provisions:

  1. Communication: Open communication between customers, farmers, and butchers is essential for resolving any issues related to shipping, delivery, or refunds. Customers are encouraged to reach out to the seller directly for assistance and clarification.
  2. Liability: Farmer Butcher acts solely as a platform for facilitating transactions between customers, farmers, and butchers. We do not assume liability for any issues arising from the packing, shipping, or refund process.
  3. Policy Updates: This Shipping and Refund Policy is subject to change at the discretion of Farmer Butcher. Any updates or modifications to the policy will be communicated to customers through our website or other relevant channels.

Regarding Couriers and Farms Policies

We would like to ensure that you are informed about our delivery process to guarantee a smooth and satisfactory experience. Please be aware that direct communication with couriers cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, we kindly request that you arrange to be available to receive your order during the scheduled delivery window.

In the event that you anticipate being unavailable during the delivery window, we urge you to promptly notify us so we can arrange a suitable alternative delivery date. To facilitate this, every customer will receive a text message containing their tracking details on either Thursday or Friday preceding the delivery date, affording ample time to plan accordingly.

It is important to note that WM Meats cannot be held liable for any instances of lost, damaged, or spoiled products. Additionally, refunds cannot be guaranteed under these circumstances, as stated in our disclaimer. We emphasize that customers who provide clear delivery instructions or ensure their presence during delivery significantly reduce the risk of such occurrences.

Upon dispatch, customers will receive an estimated 2-hour delivery window via text from the courier. While we endeavor to provide accurate delivery estimates, factors such as traffic conditions and weather may affect these timings. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Regarding Orders:

We strive to accommodate your specific preferences with each order, although there may be instances where customization is not feasible. In such cases, you will receive the original order as placed. Additionally, to maintain the value and quality of your order, we may occasionally substitute certain cuts with alternatives of equal value.

Please be advised that weights provided are approximate. We understand that during peak periods, such as high order volumes, customizing orders can pose challenges. We appreciate your cooperation in making this process smoother for all parties involved.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


At Farmer Butcher, we are committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. While we strive to maintain high standards of service and quality, we acknowledge that issues may arise from time to time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to the guidelines outlined in this policy. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for choosing Farmer Butcher!

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