Honey Soy Beef Stir Fry (Gluten-Free) 1kg

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Dive into the flavors of our Honey Soy Beef Stir Fry, a gluten-free delight, priced at $28 for approximately 1kg. Fresh from the pastoral lands of Springhill Beef Co, this stir fry mix brings a harmonious blend of sweet and savory to your table.

Our Honey Soy Beef Stir Fry is prepared using the finest cuts of grass-fed beef, ensuring a tender and juicy base for your dish. The gluten-free honey soy marinade infuses each piece of beef with a perfectly balanced taste, making it an instant favorite for family meals or quick dinners.

This ready-to-cook offering is not only convenient but also packed with natural flavors and nutrients. Ideal for a quick stir fry, it pairs wonderfully with a variety of vegetables and rice or noodles, providing a wholesome and satisfying meal.

With Springhill Beef Co’s Honey Soy Beef Stir Fry, you’re choosing a product that’s as healthy as it is flavorful, reflecting our commitment to quality and sustainable farming practices.

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Springhill Farms

We are a first generation family owned beef cattle property located on the banks of the pristine Paterson river and at the foothills of the Barrington Tops national park near Gresford in the Hunter Valley Nsw. Producing quality Organic Grass-fed Angus Beef while also improving the environment under our management.

We use regenerative farming practices, focusing on soil health, removing chemical use and synthetic fertilisers, improving biodiversity, implementing holistic planned grazing, increasing soil carbon and water retention.Our cattle are moved daily by setting up small paddocks using electric fencing, ensuring our stocking density on that area is high but for only a short period followed by a long rest period.By doing this we get a trampling effect on the paddock which loosens up the soil and lays over grasses that feed the soil.It also fertilizes the soil from the cow manure.The plan is to increase carbon content in the soil by removing it from the atmosphere through growing grasses, and storing it in our soil which means our soil will hold more water, increasing our productivity and our resilience to climate impacts.

Recently have expanded our business with the purchase of “The Grange”, about 1400 acres near Walcha NSW and the lease of 150 acres just down the road from Springhill. We have implemented our regenerative practices across the lease property and are in the process of developing The Grange so we can implement our regenerative practices across that property as well. This includes running secure water to all paddocks from the bore via poly pipe, removing the use of synthetic fertilisers, converting the cropping country to multi species improved pastures, using organic biological fertilisers to regenerate the soil biology and dividing all paddocks into smaller paddocks so we can introduce holistic management and start high density stocking the paddocks for short periods of time followed by long rest periods. We are also looking at what agtech we can add to our business to improve production, sustainability and profitability all while improving our environment and also solar power options to reduce our reliance on the grid .