8kg of 100% grass fed and finished beef from Milton (NSW)

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Weight: 8 kg
Per Kg Rate: $32.50

Premium Angus beef, farmed with care in Milton NSW.

Budawang Beef offer a mix of 100% grass fed and finished beef cuts, hormone free, raised and processed ethically and delivered directly to your door.

Aged, cut and vacuum sealed in the Shoalhaven by local craft butchers before being delivered to customers homes in Sydney and on the south coast of NSW.

What’s in the pack?

We spread the meat amongst each order and seek to strike a balance of favourites and less common cuts, in the hope people will try and enjoy something new.
You can expect to receive:
~5-15% prime cuts
~30% everyday cuts
~15-25% roasting / slow cooking cuts
~20% sausages (mix of thick and thin)
~20% mince
Please note we cannot accommodate requests for specific cuts as we aim to provide a cost effective package that is evenly shared amongst all orders.

We deliver to parts of the Shoalhaven, Illawarra, Sydney and the Central Coast.

Thank you for supporting us!

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Budawang Beef

Matthew O'Donnell, the owner of Budawang Beef, is dedicated to raising all-natural Black Angus beef. His cattle are free from nRMA vaccines and hormones, ensuring a pure and healthy product. Matthew employs a regenerative approach to farming, focusing on sustainable practices that restore and enhance the land. This method not only improves soil health but also promotes biodiversity and reduces the farm's carbon footprint. By prioritizing animal welfare and environmental stewardship, Matthew O'Donnell and Budawang Beef are setting a high standard in the industry for quality and sustainability.


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Weight 8 kg

Processing time

Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks