Valley View Farms Quarter Beast

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Weight: 50 kg
Per Kg Rate: $16.50


Pack Contents

  • Top side Roast
  • Silverside
  • Sausages
  • A Grade Mince
  • Beef ribs
  • Brisket

Plus a variety of steaks including 

  • t bone
  • Y bone
  • Rib fillet
  • Osso Bucco
  • Rump
  • Round
  • Diced Steak.
  • Please also indicate your order preferences ⁃ thick, thin or mixed sausages ⁃ Fresh or Corned silverside
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Valley Choice Meats

Andrew Martin is renowned for his 100% grass-fed Angus beef, symbolizing a commitment to sustainable agriculture. Grazing exclusively on lush pastures, his Angus cattle thrive on a natural diet, yielding tender, flavorful beef. Martin's approach prioritizes animal welfare and environmental stewardship, resonating with conscientious consumers. With transparency and integrity at its core, his enterprise sets a benchmark for ethical food production. Martin's dedication to sustainability and culinary excellence makes his grass-fed Angus beef a sought-after choice for those who value both taste and ethical sourcing in their food.

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Weight 50 kg


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