Wilson Peaks Smokers Pack

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  • 2kg Brisket
  • 2kg Beef Ribs
  • 2kg Thor’s Hammer (Beef Shank)
  • 2kg Sausages
  • 2kg Mince
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Wilsons Peak

Matt Young, a generational farmer, is dedicated to raising Devon Angus cattle with care and expertise. His commitment ensures that his beef reaches prime condition, receiving meticulous attention at every stage. With pride, he offers one of the market's finest Angus varieties, distinguished by its exceptional quality. Matt's unwavering pursuit of excellence distinguishes his produce, providing a standard of quality that stands above the rest. Discover the unmatched taste and superior quality of Matt Young's Devon Angus beef—a testament to his enduring dedication and deep-rooted expertise in the field of farming.



Introducing the Wilson Peaks Farm All-Natural Beef Smokers Pack—an enticing choice for aficionados. This premium beef, raised without vaccines and antibiotics, brings an authentic flavor that pairs seamlessly with smoking techniques. Enhance your culinary journey with responsibly-raised, flavor-rich beef from Wilson Peaks Farm. Explore the art of smoking with Wilson Peaks Farm’s Smokers Pack for a delicious experience.

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Weight 10 kg


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