100% Free Range 5kg Pork Pack

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Weight: 5 kg
Per Kg Rate: $23.99
  • 1.2kg approx Free Range Pork Belly
  • 1.3kg approx Sausages ( Either Italian, Chorizo or Manuka Honey )
  • 1.3kg approx Free Range Shoulder Chops
  • 1.2kg approx Free Range Loin Chops

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Hogan Farms

Founded in 2019, Hogan Farm stands as a shining example of ethical farming nestled in New Italy, NSW. Our focus lies in nurturing heritage breed English Large Black pigs, ensuring their welfare takes center stage within our 100% free-range setting. These cherished animals thrive on a wholesome diet composed of locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, bread, and grains, salvaging surplus produce destined for landfills from farms and shops. At Hogan Farm, our unwavering dedication to sustainable methods and the happiness of our animals serves as the cornerstone of our operations.


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Weight 5 kg


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